Hi!  I'm the Swarm script.  You may recognize me from such famous web pages as Roughneck Chronicles ... ... ...
So you want to dHTML.  Well, so do I and here is a nifty script I've put together for your dynamic pleasure and surfing enjoyment. 

Before we get started I think I should say that the equations for this script originally came from Doc Ozone and I believe he got them from Fullerene Productions.  If you haven't visited Doc Ozone's site then make sure you do and be prepared to be blown away. 

What are my modifications?  I wrote my version taking full advantage of the Object Oriented features in the later releases of Javascript.  If you don't know, and don't want to know anything about that, don't worry you'll still be able to use the script.  You'll notice that the swarm isn't strictly linked to the cursor movement.  I wanted the swarm following the cursor around the page with a bit of a delay.

How do I get this thing on my own page?!?  Download this ZIP file: swarm.zip

It contains 3 files: 1) swarm.js file, 2) a sample html page, and 3) a sample bug image.  You will then have everything you need to run this script.  Simply extract all these files into a directory and bring up sample.html in your browser.  If you have any problems or need more explanation, please email me at .

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