VertiPressions by Bugimus

Welcome to Bugimus' VertiPression Page

I created this page a sort of a proof of concept for objects that look like they are floating above and pressing into the page.  I started with a Falling Star.  I really like using JavaScript to animate images on my pages.  This method allows me to easily link the stages of the animation to activity on the page.  For instance, I can link the animation to mouseovers, timers, button clicks, etc.

Animation stages

This demonstration uses seven images of the star at each stage of the Vertical imPression.  Run your cursor over each stage sequentially to see it in action.

Individual images & number
(run your cursor over these)
» »

Image 0
Image 1
Image 2
Image 3
Image 4
Image 5
Image 6
« «

Resulting animated star

One animation, several places

Using a delay feature in the JavaScript routine, we can use a single animation in several places on the page to create waves.  Click the start wave button below to send a wave to the right and back.


What about making the animation bounce?  Well, we can do that!  Let's see how it looks for the title graphic for this page...


A more traditional use of this technique is a slide show.  All we need to do is slow down the animation speed and use the looping feature.  The images in the animation simply rotate at a nice leisurely pace; every 5 seconds.  I use this feature to display my favorite comics on my comic book page in the upper left hand corner.  Here I am using the thumbnails from the Bios page...

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