No Such Thing!

As a child I was really scared of the dark and the monsters and ghosts that surely lurked within. But my parents and relatives would scoff and say, “there’s no such thing as _“. Eventually, I lost my fear and became just like them, i.e., believing there were no such things.

Fast forward to middle age and I began looking into the many claims of the paranormal including UFOs, cryptids, and ghosts. I discovered there was a lot more to it than just a few wackos claiming a bunch of nonsense. In fact, I dug so deeply into one topic that I found out for myself it was real.

From this I learned that when faced with extraordinary claims it is better to listen respectfully, consider, and be intellectually honest enough to say that you don’t know if it is true or not instead of blurting out “there’s no such thing as _!”

I mention this today as a direct response about David Grusch’s extraordinary claims. I disagree with the people who automatically assume everything he’s saying is factual AND the people who are automatically saying he’s not credible. I am specifically calling out the usual sea of believers and particularly the pseudo-skeptics like West, Greenstreet, Greenewald, etc. because they purport to be objective but have shown themselves to be biased and lacking in intellectual honesty.

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