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I collected several pictures of the B2 a while back.  I used to have my walls plastered with them, now this page is plastered with them.  I hope you enjoy the pics and other B2 web sites below.  All the pics can be found on the net, ah but the patch collection can only be found here. :-)

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Best of the best B2 pics!
Stealth cousins.
Bombs away! Taxi Fire and Ice = Fierce Moon over Spirit Soar like an Eagle
Side shot. Whiteman crew. Fill 'er up. YF23 & B2
Look out! Obey your thirst. Silhouette Other worldly. Back at base.
( Most images courtesy of Air Force Link )

Can someone please explain...

...why in the world they chose to call this bird the "spirit"?  I mean someone must have eaten of the insane root, what takes the reason prisoner?  My favorite B2 patch is the one with the eyes and talons diving down on an unsuspecting prey.  You know--stealthy, sharp, lethal, ominous.  Instead what do we get?  Hey everybody let's all get excited and cheer for the "spirit of (your state here)".  Sheesh!  Why couldn't they have continued in the fine tradition of naming our airplanes cool names like Talon, Eagle, Intruder, Black Bird, Falcon, Tomcat, I mean even the WartHog beats this pansie-ass "spirit" nonsense!  I'm sure there will be an unofficial name for this bird by it's pilots and other enthusiasts that is more consistent with it's character.  Perhaps there is already, until I hear of one I will continue to sit here and stew and wish bad things upon the politicians who emasculated this most proud and awesome of warrior birds!

Update 3/24/99:  I was watching Hannity & Colmes on the Fox News Channel tonight and they had former Congressman Bob Dornan as a guest.  During the show he said that he had flown the B2 and has been credited with naming it the Spirit!  For all of you who agree with my comments just prior, at least we now have a target for our disgust.

B2 Patch Collection
(click on thumbnails for a closer look)

Spirit of California B-2 Combined Test Force When it absolutely, positively, has to be taken out overnight. B2 Star Salon Aviation de Paris Le Bourget 1995
Spirit of America Andrews AFB Air Show 1996 Asian Aerospace Singapore 1996 USAF Plant 42 Palmdale California Stealth
Boeing Edwards AFB Air Show 1995 Peace Through Strength B2 Advanced Bomber B-2 Stealth B2 Bomber
Edwards AFB 60th Anniversary Paris Air Show \'95 Northrop Grumman Northrop Grumman GATS Demo Program B-2 Flight Test Aircrew B-2
In Memoriam...

...is what we say when we don't want to forget something or someone very important.  May we never forget what happened on September 11, 2001 and why it is we do what we do now as a result.

This unspeakable act of violence must not be allowed to be repeated.  Our war on terror is not to be taken lightly.  This war we wage is against those who use terrorism as a means to achieving a political goal.  This struggle is hardly glamorous, it does not come free of charge, it is simply... necessary.

9/11 marked the beginning of the end of terrorism.

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