Pull Down Quick Tip

This select box will automatically relocate to the user's selection when chosen.  The javascript code is compatible with IE5+, NN4, NN6, and OP5.

<form name="groupform">
<select name="group" onChange="javascript:location=this.form.group.options[this.form.group.selectedIndex].value;">
<option selected value=""> find it quick here...  </option>
<option value="https://bugimus.com/stealth/stealth.html"> b2 stealth bomber  </option>
<option value="https://bugimus.com/bios/bios.html"> bios  </option>
<option value="https://bugimus.com/views/books/books.html"> book reviews  </option>
< . . . >
Frames / No Frames?

Use this line for a non-framed page:
<SELECT NAME="group" onChange="javascript:location=this.form.group...>
Use this line for a framed page:
<SELECT NAME="group" onChange="javascript:top.body.location=this.form.group...>

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