Behold the BugWeaver, a device designed to dazzle your web senses. What purpose does it serve you ask? To the uninitiated, absolutely nothing—ah but to the illuminated just asking the question reeks of techrilege.

It is my desire that you be impressed by the graphics & the coding that went into this creation. I hope that this device can generate interest in dynamic html & the awesome potential it has all without needing to load the latest plugin. Most of all, have fun with it!!!

This button reverses the ring's direction and orientation.
Slide to change the ring's width. Notice that if you get the orbs to collide with the outer ring, they have the power to "phase" right through to the other side.
Slide to change the ring's height.

I bet there are some of you still reading this and wondering, why's it called the Bugweaver? Because of the intriguing way the orbs weave themselves through the device and also because I've always been very fond of Native American "dreamcatchers" & "mandalas" and this shape reminds me of them in a surreal fashion. Combine that with Gary Wright's DreamWeaver and maybe you can see a connection. Yes?