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Harvey Allen Mitchell Jr. aka Bugs
Bugs I was born in Torrance California on November 5, 1966 to my parents Harvey Sr. and Dorothy Mitchell.  I was raised in Harbor City.  My parents both had Christian backgrounds and they decided to send me to the Southern California Military Academy.  This was a private John Brown school.  I received a good education there in academics as well as in discipline and Christianity.  I attended that school from kindergarten to ninth grade.  Their curriculum ended at ninth grade.  This created a bit of a problem for me.  Here I had gone to a small private school for ten years with many of the same friends and now where do I go from 10th grade on?  I was graduated as co-validictorian, chief executive officer of the entire regiment, and full colonel in 1981.  Back in 1977 my family had moved to the city of Westminster.  Therefore, my parents decided that I should attend Marina High School in Huntington Beach which was closer than Westminster High and had a better college prepratory program.  It didn't take me too long to adjust to the public school environment even though I started off with zero friends there.  I suppose I had a pretty normal high school experience until I graduated in 1984.  So now it was time to choose a college to attend.  I feel fortunate because at an early age, I knew what I wanted to be and which college I wanted to attend.  My father, who is enjoying his retirement in Nevada, was an Electrical Engineer and specialized in navigational systems for military aircraft such as the SR-71 and B2 bomber.  Since I loved my father greatly and looked up to him I never had any question about becoming an Electrical Engineer.  As far as choosing a college, well, when I was still attending the military academy we took a field trip to the University of California at Irvine.  I fell in love with the campus at that time and just knew that was my college.  I applied to a few other colleges but when I was accepted to UCI it almost felt like destiny was running its course.  More to come...

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