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It's a foolish man who assumes the rest of the world is to blame for his confusion.  --DarkGarden    

20×20 pixels 163 bytes.  Entry for smallest sig contest.   


Alevice created this image on deviantArt and I kind of felt a resemblance to the character on the right.  Way cool, this.    

Metahedron created this sig for Bugimus.  It is superb, and I am honored to display it.    

mas created this image for Bugimus.  Ladybugs are the official symbol and I've just got to love this!  Thanks, mas!!!    


bmud asked me for a large black and white image of my logo and I knew not what for... until I saw this.     
He used it to carve my logo into a pumpkin!  Does it get any better than that?

I attempted to do my part to achieve justice 4 Pat Richard.     
My little girl and I enjoyed some quality time while creating this little number.

Justice 4 Pat Richard!!!